Titan Irrigation

Year-round upkeep

Ensure your irrigation system functions properly all summer and is well-protected throughout the winter. With regular seasonal maintenance to get your system prepared for the coming months, you can avoid major repairs or replacements entirely.

Spring start-up

Shake off the effects of a long winter and gear up for a summer full of well-hydrated grass! Let us handle all the hassle for you! Services include turning on the water line for supply, control panel assessment, program control, and checking every single head to make sure they're working properly. We'll even make any necessary repairs we find.


Plan ahead with a membership package

Enroll in our yearly package and let us manage your maintenance. You'll receive the Maintenance Agreement forms between February and March, and we'll call you in April to schedule your spring start-up!

Removing absolutely all water from your irrigation system before winter is vital. With the colder temperatures, residual water can freeze and cause major damage. Allow us to ensure you won't have any surprises by utilizing our air compressor to remove all traces of water in the lines. Also, your water line and system will be shut off entirely.


All winterizations are guaranteed from freezing and breaking. If for some reason something does break or require repairs, we will complete them all at no cost to you.

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